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about my art 

This is where I share my artworks, talk about my jewelry business, and dive into my love for traveling and foreign exchange.


I'm a creative, energetic, and adventurous student at UC Berkeley. I love creating art and traveling. I've done a summer homestay exchange in Japan and was an exchange student in Germany for one year, which I blogged about here

I enjoy learning and speaking foreign languages and traveling to learn about different cultures. I love exploring the outdoors with friends, from hiking the tallest mountain in South Lake Tahoe to cliff jumping off an English port into ice cold water. I'm easily amused and entertained. During my free time in college, I like to hike, hangout in downtown Oakland and SF, and dance on tables. 


Recently, I launched Creations by Clio, a business creating and selling handmade origami jewelry. I'm interested in developing expertise in e-commerce and having a career involving business and fashion.


Many of my artworks highlight the varying manners people live across different cultures and the memories I have attached to these subjects. The ordinary and mundane objects I paint are my intimate and domestic experiences often sheltered from the public sphere that reveal the personality and experiences of my families and household. Through these settings and possessions, the simple, often-overlooked objects I create reveal the traditions and values of a particular culture.

My art also reflects my relationships with my family members. They support me in pursuing my ambitious academic and creative endeavors.​ My family members influence who I am today and dare me to venture further in my artistic pursuits. Though many of the works in my portfolio do not depict any human figures, their deeper meanings revolve around the various environments and objects that have strongly impacted on my growth. They are symbols and pieces of my experiences with my family and the places that have had profound impact on me. These treasured memories and people are intimate parts of my life. With a pencil or paintbrush in my left hand, I am a medium to express these qualities and my creative imagery.

about artists teaching artists (ata)

During high school, I was the founder and organizer of Artists Teaching Artists, an art mentor program in my city designed to foster friendships between high school students and younger children through art. In my program, high school artists taught weekly art clubs to local elementary and middle schools. Students learned about different art techniques, artists, and movements such Impressionism and perspective. I managed four art clubs in my community. Two trained high school volunteers taught at each club, while  I also lead my own art club with my friend. 

last updated 10/28/2019