handmade origami jewelry as gifts for you, friends, and family


Since I have been eleven years old, I have been folding paper into origami and then turning these creations into wearable art. Recently I started a business CREATION by Clio, where I sell my art as jewelry for people to enjoy. The process has been so satisfying; It is so rewarding and exciting to see so many women around me at UC Berkeley wearing what I create. 


I delicately fold each small square of Japanese paper into unique origami creations. I then lacquer them to protect and harden the creations. Once they are dry, I attach them to wire, which I then shape and attach to earring hooks to wear. This entire process takes about thirty minutes per pair of earrings. Once my art creations are finished, I package them so they are ready to be worn, to be gifted, and to be shared.


Every pair of origami earrings is uniquely different. Even if I use the same sheet of paper, each creation turns out different, depending on the cut and fold of the paper. It is always a pleasant surprise to see the final product and print design of each creation as I transform a tiny sheet of square paper into origami. 

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