november in a flash...

Along with passing the 100 Days in Germany date, November flewwwwww by. I had a couple really challenging days where I felt like I was struggling with everything (though I really am not and doing well). The rest of the time were good days with my friends and host family.

A highlight was celebrating Thanksgiving with my host family. It was their first experience with the American tradition. It was also my first time baking pumpkin pie. I felt grateful for the support and friendship of both everyone here in Germany and America.

I also visited Belgium for the first time. Just a thirty minute train ride and I was surrounded by French and a whole different culture!

I'm settling into my life here. Monday: gym, German lesson. Tuesday: badminton. Wednesday: gym, German lesson. Thursday: free after school. Friday: tennis. Saturday and Sunday: sleep in, relax, do art, work on college apps, gym, and spend time with my host family and friends. Meanwhile, I'm speaking mostly German. I hardly have conversations in English anymore.

I also realized that I'm becoming more resilient and capable. I’m more politically and culturally aware and more empathetic and knowledgeable. As a foreign newcomer, it’s sometimes difficult as I don’t speak the language fluently and come from a different culture. Nonetheless, I ask many questions and speak German to immerse myself. I remember to keep a positive and open-minded attitude, knowing that being an outsider at times and facing cultural and emotional challenges are part of the educational experience and a situation many people, especially immigrants, encounter.


afternoon coffee and cake

the pastries and cakes are all so aesthetic

one of the big red chairs in front of my high school

liège, belgium