the beginning

As of now, there's not much to say about Deutschland - I don't leave until the beginning of August. I'm both so excited and a little bit nervous to experience this total unknown. I'm confronted with bittersweet reflections on my life in America and the anticipation for the new experiences I will make in this country.

I've been practicing my German daily through YouTube videos and Memrise, but my brain tires easily after an hour. My German vocabulary, I can tell, is slowly expanding, yet accompanying this language learning is many frustrations in pronouncing the new sounds. I'm determined to be conversational before I leave in August 8. My ultimate goal is for my German to be advanced enough so that I can pass the Goethe-Zertifikat B2 exam, which certifies an advanced understanding of German. In the meantime, I've been emailing my host family in Englisch, but I use the German word when I know the translation.

This time last year I was using YouTube and Memrise to learn Japanese for my summer exchange in Japan. Funny how now I'm doing the same thing but with German.

67 days until August 8!!! omg

Also, I'll be living in Aachen. It's west of Cologne (financial capital of Germany) and right next the German/Belgium border and under the German/Dutch border.